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Frequently Asked Questions for Riders                    


Have a different question? Email, and we'll get back to you! Have a question on ride day? Call the Rock to Rock HQ (203.479.0298).

I've done this before. What's new for 2024?

We're bringing back the Family 5-mile flat, cross-town ride!  And, we'll have more kid activities at the Green Fair 12-2 pm.  Speaking of the Green Fair, this year the food trucks will all be in the park as opposed to on the street.


One more change... We have rerouted the 40-mile so that it follows more of the metric route and does not go to Lighthouse.  Gather New Haven is hosting a new rest stop at the Fargeorge Preserve in Quinnipiac Meadows near the end of the 40-mile route.  


For the third year in a row,  we are starting and ending at East Rock Park and ride 1, 5, 12, 20, 40 or 66 miles (12 mile has rest stop at Common Ground High School, and rest stops at Sleeping Giant for the 20, 40, metric century, and at Guilford Rec Center for the metric. You also are welcome to hike to around East Rock Park or to the summit of West Rock yourself or sign up for our hikes/walks with leaders (10 am in West Rock Park and 11 am in East Rock Park).


And we ask, however you are celebrating Rock to Rock, that you post videos and photos on Facebook and/or Instagram using the hashtag #RockToRock2024.

Is there a fundraising minimum?

We ask that all riders raise $100 or more. You can do it! Our planet & community need your support. YOU decide which of our 20+ Rock to Rock partner organizations you want to support or you can ride for all 20 organizations.  

Families are encouraged to fundraise together -- you can set up one page for your whole family.

our credit card will not be charged if you do not reach the $100 fundraising minimum -- but we know you can do it! Get fundraising tips.

When is the last chance to sign up?

Online registration continues through rides times (specifically 11am on April 27), and you can register at the Ride, but it is easier to register beforehand.


How do I get a Rock to Rock tee-shirt?

If you want a t-shirt you can order one here or you must register and raise $100 by April 15 to get one for free (picked up at event, or arrange to pick up later). To prevent waste we are not providing tees unless they are purchased or awarded. Some purchased Tees can be picked up Saturday, or people can arrange to pick up another time.  If so ordered, Tees will be mailed directly to you after the event.  Tees can be purchased online until May 1.

What should I bring with me?

Helmets are required. Wear one! Safety first, if you are riding a bike in honor or Rock to Rock, please wear a helmet.  

Bring a water bottle or two, snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, and weather-appropriate clothing. Bring an extra bike tube.  

Where should I park?

If you are too far to bike to the start of the ride you may park your car in the school lots at Wilbur Cross at 181 Mitchell Drive or behind the school on Orange St. is another closer lot. Ask the officer at the corner of Orange and  Cold Spring to let you through just to park. Alternatively, you can park streetside all along the park (on Cold Spring and Livingston). Please leave the road clear of parking on the Orange St. side. 

Where do I go and what should I expect when I get there?


The morning rides and hikes (except West Rock hike) all start and end in East Rock Park., at 41 Cold Spring St, near Orange St, by the ranger station. You'll see us!  Parking lot at 181 Mitchell Drive. 


The West Rock Hike will start at Common Ground High School, 358 Springside Ave. 

All bike routes will be signed. Ride marshals will accompany the Family Ride (5-mile), 12, 20, 40-mile and 60-mile rides and all rides will be supported by a SAG vehicle.

Will someone fix my bike or my boo boos?

Air pumps and first aid kits will be available. We will have limited bike mechanic support, possibly one mechanic. Please get out your bike well in advance of the ride and check your Air, Brakes, Chain, Cranks, and Cassette. If you need medical support for an emergency, call 9-1-1. If it's a non-emergency, ask your ride marshal to call the vehicle support or ask for help at the ride start/end. If you don't see a marshal, call 203.479.0298.

What should I remember while I'm riding? 

Be safe! Follow the rules of the road.  It is spring! There are lots of potholes along our route. Watch out for them, and signal hazards to other riders. 

I hear there are awesome prizes. Where do I get them?

  • Earn a free tee by raising $100 by 4/15.

  • You will get a free week of Breathing Room yoga when you raise $250 or more and get a canvas bag from Olmo Bagels to get a discount on bulk bagels, plus entered into raffle for great prizes when you raise $500 or more.

  • Be the first of 20 registrants to raise $1000 and Rock to Rock will buy a $25 local restaurant gift certificate for you.

  • Individual Spirit Award...  For the most creative, impactful, fun, beautiful way of marking Earth Day and celebrating Rock to Rock... A 3 week farm share at Massaro Community Farm.

See more prize details on our prize webpage.

How far should a child or youth ride? 

The 1-mile Family Ride was designed for inexperienced cyclists.

The 5-mile Ride (new this year) is flat and travels along the Farmington Canal for a big portion of it.


We do not recommend the 20-mile, 40-mile or the metric century ride for youth. The 12-mile ride is an option for older children with lots of biking experience who can follow the road rules and ride alongside traffic.  When considering the longer rides, consider this...

Many entry level child bikes do not have gears, or have significantly different gear ratios, and are heavy for their size, thus making them work less efficiently to cover the same distance as an adult on a bike.  That, combined with the fact that they are smaller, and therefore have shorter limbs (levers), make them less powerful, and therefore proportionately much more difficult to keep up.   An average 5-year old, riding without training wheels, using a 12-inch wheel bike will have to pedal three times as fast as an adult on a 29-inch wheel bike in order to keep up the same speed and/or cover the same distance. To extrapolate:  if an adult plans to ride 5 miles, that translates to that 5-year old riding 15 miles!  So, set your expectations accordingly.

Because there are so many individual variables,  it is very difficult to have a hard and fast rule. 

We hope that Rock to Rock is fun for all participants, from the most accomplished adults to the littlest riders.  By being realistic about everyone’s abilities, you have the best chance of it being an enjoyable time, rather than an unpleasant experience.  Any time you’ve had enough fun, it’s OK to stop. 

Is this going to rock? Is the event rain or shine?

Absolutely. Yes it is!


How did you manage to write so much, and still not answer my question? 

We're sorry. Shoot us a message:

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