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Fundraising Tips -

You Can Do It!

Advice for Raising Funds for a Critical Cause  

We're asking all Rock to Rock riders to raise $100 or more. Or you can step up as a Green Rider, and raise $500 or more. We know you can do it -- and we know this can feel like a hard time to ask for support. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. All of us are hungry for ways we can make a difference. Use your fundraising page, emails, social media posts, and phone requests to share why the organization or organizations you are supporting matter, now more than ever. Explain what gives you hope, how their donation will make a real impact now. 

  2. We're also hungry for connection to each other. Rock to Rock is a chance to reach out directly to friends and family. Explain your personal connection to this cause, and why it matters to you. Follow up to say thanks, and to check in on how your supporters are doing.  

  3. Acknowledge that people are in different situations than they were a month ago. Ask people to give what they can, and to give generously if they can. Some of us are eager to do more and can do so, and some of our financial situations have changed. 

Not Sure How To Get Started?

In honor of Earth Day, and because our planet needs ALL of us, we ask that all adult riders and families set a personal fundraising goal of $100 or more. You can do it! Here are some ideas to help you get on the road:

  1. Get started. Sign up & start raising today! 

  2. Set a reach goal, just beyond what you think you can achieve. If you beat your own expectations, you can always increase your goal, too!

  3. Set up your fundraising page. Different This Year! Go to Partner page and select Sign Up to Fundraise by the organization you want to support. This will take you to the organization's giveGreater page. Click on the FUNDRAISE button to set up your own page. You can add a photo, video or story. Basic Instructions here. Also, the How to Set Up Fundraising Page and the Fundraiser Toolkit has lots of tips.  Have fun.  (Note: You can set up Fundraising pages for more than one organization.  All funds raised go directly to each organization after the event.)

  4. Think about why this matters to YOU. On your fundraising page and when you ask people for support, tell a personal story, sharing why the organizations you are supporting matter to YOU. 

  5. Think of all the people you know ... 
    Your family & friends
    Parents’ and kids' friends, fellow alumni, childhood friends
    Current and former coworkers, your boss, clients
    Businesses you patronize -- your hairdresser, your muffler guy, etc..
    Exercise classmates, book club, cycling club, community garden, faith community

  6. Ask! You can send emails directly from your giveGreater pagre! Or, if you prefer, you can send personal messages from your own email, call people up, ask them in person. You never know who will pledge your ride, unless you ask! Remember you are not asking for yourself, but for a cause important to you. 

  7. Don’t be shy -- remind people. It is just fine to ask more than once. People need reminders. Use Facebook, Twitter, etc. Throw a party, make face to face requests. Share updates on your progress toward your goal. 

  8. Get creative. Offer baked goods, a knit hat, or something special to one or all of your donors. Offer to ride farther or wear a costume if people donate more. Write a rap, song, or poem. Post a video of it on your page.

  9. Say thank you! Let people know that their support matters to you, and do it right away. Thank them personally, and publicly if their donation isn't anonymous. 

Be a Green Rider, and Raise $500 or more!

YOU can earn Green Rider status by raising $500 or more for the organization or organizations you love. Not sure you can do it? We know you can, in 5 steps:

  1. Start with your own donation: Give $50, and you're on the road!

  2. Ask your family: If 3 family members give $25, that's another $75!

  3. Ask your friends: If 5 people you know give $25, you've raised $125!

  4. Ask your coworkers: Ask 5 people to give $10 each -- that's another $50. 

  5. Ask members of a group you're part of: If 5 members of your book group or faith community give $10 each, that's another $50. 

  6. Ask your neighbors: When 4 people give $25, that's $100. 

  7. Ask the businesses you support: When you go to your barber, or to your mechanic, ask them for $25 -- when 2 say yes, you'll get your last $50!

Of course, some of these people may give you more than this -- and you'll be able to leave that $500 goal in the dust!

We are here to help!

Here are some more resources to support your fundraising efforts:

Wondering what your support makes possible? Learn what happens when you ride and raise. 


Receive a donation by check or cash? Learn what to do next.

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