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Maps & Routes

Rock to Rock is gearing up for a bigger,

stronger, and sunnier event on April 27!

Join us for a beautiful spring ride or walk!

We're inviting participants to do Rock to Rock in small groups at staggered starts. In 2024 you can ride a new 5-mile Family Ride, a 12-, 20-, 40- or 66-mile ride in a loop starting and ending in East Rock Park. For our youngest riders, we'll have our Bike Rodeo and a 1-mile loop around the park. You also are welcome to hike around the base of East Rock. Common Ground is offering a West Rock hike as well. 


​However you are celebrating Rock to Rock, please post videos and photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtags #MyRockToRock and #RockToRock2024.

All of the rides start and end in East Rock Park.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the WALKING options for Rock to Rock. 


Family Rides at 10:30 am-

  • Our new 5-mile ride will travel from East Rock to the Farmington Canal's Learning Corridor and back. This route is great for riders with little to a lot of experience.

  • For those with smaller wheels and legs, we're offering up the Bike Rodeo followed by a 1-mile loop around the park.

Longer Rides- 

  • 10 am: 12-mile ride (Rock to Rock to Rock-- (to West Rock and back)

  • 9 am: 20-mile ride (goes to West Rock, Sleeping Giant)

  • 8:30 am: 40-mile ride (follows 20-mile to Sleeping Giant and then takes a new course back to East Rock)

  • 7 am to 8 am: metric century rides (66-mile route goes to Sleeping Giant and out to the shoreline) If you cannot complete this ride in under 6.5 hours, we ask that you take a shorter route, as our Green Fair wraps up at 2 pm.

Two Family-Friendly Rides

In 2024 we will have a new 5-mile family-friendly route

and continue to provide the 1-mile loop that can be

repeated and starts with a kid bike derby. The 1-mile

will be great for families with young riders. It's flat,

safe, and stays on park roads and has a flexible start

time between 10:30 and 11:30 am. For a bigger

challenge, riders may choose the second family

ride option, which is a 5-mile ride.

The 5-mile ride will depart at 10:30 am. 

View map details here: 

1-mile ride:

5-mile ride map:

5-Mile Route                                        1-Mile Route


12-Mile Route

The 12-mile ride is perfect for experienced riders who want to stay within the New Haven city limits. This ride has one rest stop- at Common Ground, where you can take a breather and explore the urban farm and environmental art created by Common Ground students. The 2024 map is identical to the 2023 route and can be found here:

Rest Stop at Common Ground High School.


20-Mile Route

Looking for a bigger challenge? Our 20-mile route travels from East Rock, to West Rock, to Sleeping Giant, and back to East Rock. The 20-mile ride leaves at 9am. View map details here:

Rest Stop at Quinnipiac University - Corner Mt Carmel and New Road

40-Mile Route

We are making major changes to 40-mile this year, which travels from East Rock, to Sleeping Giant, and back to East Rock.  We promise a more beautiful route than last year! This new route does not travel out to Lighthouse Park, but instead explores some beautiful areas in Northford

Rest Stop at Sleeping Giant State Park and Gather New Haven's Fargeorge Preserve in Quinnipiac Meadows.


Metric Century

Our beautiful metric century -- 66 miles long -- is for those up for an even more serious ride. We have had problems with inexperienced riders returning after the end of the event, so we encourage you to take a shorter rider or leave as early as 7am to make sure to return by 1pm to experience the Green Fair, live music, food trucks. Again, this ride is for serious cyclists only.  You must be an adult with a road bike -- no mountain bikes allowed on this ride. 66-mile rides leave at 7 - 8am with slower riders invited to leave with ride marshalls as early as 7am.  The riders will travel in small groups. View details here:  

Rest Stops at Sleeping Giant State Park and Guilford Recreation Center.

Rock to Rock Park Walks

For non-cyclists, Rock to Rock will offer walks in West Rock Park and East Rock Park. Bring binoculars and water! The walks are open to all ages. Walkers are welcome to register and fundraise. 


Common Ground will host a summit hike in West Rock Park. The hike starts at Common Ground High School (358 Springside Ave New Haven) at 10:30 a.m. and takes about an hour to complete with stunning views at the top.  

New Haven Leon SCP organizes an easy walk in East Rock Park.  You can get details here.

Our route takes the river loop trail from East Rock Park to the Eli Whitney Museum, through the covered bridge, and back to East Rock Park on the other side. This walk is on flat ground and takes approximately an hour. It's beautiful and has the perfect terrain and length for a family excursion.  We will meet at the College Woods Ranger Station (Orange and Cold Spring Streets) at 11 a.m.

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